Management Services

CSIES is a professional international education service management company. It has accumulated 20 years of management experiences in the international education industry. CSIES would be happy to share management experiences with the relevant industry partners.

The company's main aim is to serve customers who are committed to international education, as well as those with the intention to invest in the development of international education projects.

The company's management services include the following:

  • Strategic Planning
    We facilitate the collaborative development of your school’s strategic plan to ensure all aspects of the school’s academic and operational needs are catered for the years ahead. Creating a road map for your school’s continuous success.

  • Facilities Design
    We advise on carefully connect building design with the educational programs and needs of all key stakeholders, creating stimulating, adaptable learning environments, with spaces able to support various styles of teaching and learning, providing advice on specialist facilities to meet international accreditation agency requirements. School facilities must withstand a high level of “wear and tear”. Materials and finishes need to be carefully selected to provide a low maintenance and physically robust environment.

  • International Accreditation
    The challenge can be quite daunting for schools starting this journey, we can provide the necessary support and advice to guide you through this process step-by-step. We can help international schools to obtain certifications, including IBO, NEASC, CIS and other institutions.

  • Recruitment
    Through connecting you with a range of recruitment services,  we can ensure your school has the most important ingredient to any successful school , ie a team of committed and professional staff.

  • Job Description
    Having a clear job description allows the employees to understand the responsibilities and duties that are required and expected of them. Job descriptions can also be used as a basis for performance management.

  • Scheduling/Timetabling
    We will ensure your staff and facilities are utilized effectively to meet the unique needs of your school and, at the same time, there is capacity for flexibility in your course structures.

  • Curriculum
    We are able to draw on extensive human resources to facilitate and support the collaborative development of your school’s curriculum programmers that provides challenge but also supports varied developmental, academic, social, physical & emotional needs and fosters the development of skills & abilities that prepare students for lifelong learning.

  • Policies and Procedures
    We help to track student progress and ensure continued high quality teaching & learning over time. The school’s curriculum and programs must be supported by a comprehensive set of teaching and learning policies.

  • High-quality Resource Materials
    We have established an extensive network of local and international educational resource suppliers to supply high-quality teaching resources to support teaching and learning.

  • Technological Infrastructure
    We provide advice to ensure your school has a robust and reliable IT infrastructure to support both academic and operational needs.

Please feel free to contact CSIES for a discussion, all enquiries are welcome.